Consumer Credit

  • Multi Purpose is a consumer loan with a collateral in the form of property, monthly installment payment method for financing various kinds of primary or secondary needs for prospective borrowers. With the following conditions :
    • Ceilings            :  Rp 50 million – Max. Rp 2 Billion
    • Period              :  Max. 7 years
    • Fees                  :  1 % and Administration Fee
  • House Ownership Credit *) is a consumer loan for financing the purchase of houses. With the following conditions:
    • Ceilings            :  Rp 100 million – Max. Rp 5 Billion
    • Period              :  Max. 15 years
    • Types of Collateral   :  Land and Building.

    *) Still in development stage.

 General Requirements :

  1. age of 21 years old or married (at time of filing) and max. age of 60 years old
  2. Submit Copy of Identity Card and Couple Number, Marriage Certificate, Family Card, the latest 3 months of Savings Book/Current Account
  3. Salary Slip and Certificate of Employment (original)
  4. Professional License (for Professionals)
  5. Photocopy of Certificate ; House/Shop House/Office House/Apartment
  6. Photocopy of Building Permit (IMB)
  7. Photocopy of the latest Notification of Tax Due (SPPT) and Payment Receipt (STTS)