Chandra Dwipayana

Corporate Secretary

Earned Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (2004) from Diponegoro University and Master of Management (2009) from Padjajaran University. He started his banking career as Money Market Dealer at BJB  from 2005 to 2007. Then as Foreign Exchange Dealer at BJB from 2008-2009. His career continued at Market Analyst and also FX & Derivatives Dealer from 2009 til 2010.

In 2010 he was entrusted Treasury Group Head at BJB and served as act. Head of Makassar Branch. Formerly was assigned as Head of Bandung Branch (2010-2012), Head of  Rawamangun Branch (2012-2015), Head of  Hasyim Ashari Branch (2015-2016) and Head of  Cimahi Branch (2016-2017). He started to join the Company in 2017 as Head of Treasury Division and in May of 2019 he was officially appointed as Corporate Secretary.