Corporate Identity

  1. The inspiration for the Bank Banten logo was the wings of the Garuda bird flapping upwards as a sign of readiness
  2. Wings are aerodynamic parts of the body and act as balancers when flying
  3. This function is what we want to reflect in the Bank Banten logo with the hope that Bank Banten can soar towards the desired achievement, namely Regional Champion, and contribute to all stakeholders through the harmony of the intermediation function to ensure the creation of a balanced economy based on people.
  4. The two feathers displayed are the two sentences of the creed and the two pillars that must be followed, namely the pillars of faith and Islam, are a reflection of Banten as a religious province, and symbolize the two main principles of banking, namely Good Corporate Governance and Prudential Banking.
  5. Red is a color that represents courage, strength and leadership, which depicts energy and a never-ending spirit of struggle.