Code of Ethics Bank Banten

The Bank Banten Code of Ethics consists of 10 points which basically identify and are the crystallization of the company’s ethics and expectations for all Bank Banten personnel (Employees, Directors and Board of Commissioners) to achieve the company’s goals, namely as follows:

1. Work professionally by prioritizing morality, obedient and obedient to company regulations and applicable laws and regulations and always based on values
main Bank and upholds the Indonesian Banker Code of Ethics;

2. Maintain good relations between Bank Personnel in cooperative or competitive relationships within the Bank’s internal and/or external environment;

3. Maintain bank secrets and position secrets in accordance with Bank policies and applicable legal provisions and do not utilize such data and information to gain personal gain;

4. Avoid making decisions if there is a conflict of interest between personal interests and the Bank. In the event that personal interests conflict with the interests of the Bank, it will prioritize the interests of the company;

5. Do not commit irregularities, violations and/or fraud that could harm the Bank’s finances or reputation;

6. Maintain work security, health and safety including safeguarding Bank assets and assets

7. Record data, transactions and reports honestly and accurately;

8. Do not accept rewards/gifts/souvenirs in any form related to their duties and responsibilities;

9. Do not participate in organizational activities that result in a conflict of interest;

10. Use the Bank’s facilities and identity (corporate identity) solely for the Bank’s business activities and it is prohibited to misuse the corporate identity for personal gain.