Ferdy Ardian

Corporate Secretary

Indonesian citizen, 47 years old. Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Trisakti University in 2001 and then a Master’s degree in Management at the Bogor Agricultural Institute in 2012.

Started his banking career at PT Bank Bukopin Tbk as Assistant Manager SME and Micro Business (2003-2009), Manager Business Commercial Agribusiness and Institution (2009-2013), Branch Manager Cirebon (2013-2015), Branch Manager Yogyakarta (2015-2017) , Branch Manager Bandung (2017-2019), Branch Manager Surabaya (2019-2020).

In 2020, he served as SVP Region III Sumatra at PT Bank Bukopin Tbk. And continuing his work as Region Head III Retail Business 2021, Region Head V Retail Business Sulawesi (2021-2022).

Joined Bank Banten in 2022 as Regional Leader and then served as Head of the Fund Services & Treasury Division in 2023. Furthermore, in 2024 he served as Corporate Secretary of Bank Banten based on Directors’ Decree No. 934/SK/DIR-BB/IV/2024 dated 16 April 2024.