Corporate Identity

  1. The logo of Bank Banten was inspired by the wings of a Garuda that flutter as a sign of readiness
  2. Wings are aerodynamic limbs and they act as a counterweight when the bird is about to fly.
  3. This function is reflected in the logo of Bank Banten in hope that Bank Banten can fly high towards the desired goal, and there is a balance of economic funds obtained from the landing, which is the government funds, and funding, which is funds obtained from the public, to create a populist economy.
  4. The two feathers represent the crede of Shahada and two sets of Islamic precepts, the Five Pillars of Islam and the Six Articles of Faith, symbolizing Banten as a religious province. The feahers also represent two core banking foundations, good corporate governance and risk management.
  5. Bank Banten strategy to achieve the goal of being the Regional Champion by adhering to the Professionalism-based Cooperation that has an understanding in serving customers to achieve their trust in order to achieve the Regional predicate
  6. Red was chosen to decorate the logo of Bank Banten because Red is a color that represents the courage of life, strength and leadership. The color red also describes the energy, the spirit of an endless fight. Red is the dominant color in the color spectrum so it stands out when compared with other colors, it illustrates Bank Banten as a flagship Bank.
  7. The logo typography appears in black – a color of elegance, confidence, strength, charisma, masculinity, and firmness that denotes the charateristics of the people of Banten.
  8. The color black on the logo symbolizes elegance, confidence, strength, authoritative, masculine, and firmness, it suits the characteristics of Banten residents perfectly.
  9. The red gradation on the logo illustrates the transformation of Bank Banten to a better direction.
  10. The tag line “BERSAMA MEWUJUDKAN HARAPAN” means that Bank Banten has a noble goal from the beginning, which help all people, especially customers to realize their expectations together. Certainly a good hope for now, later and the future.